What is the PureFoods Low Carb Weekly delivery program?
PureFoods Low Carb Weekly Delivery program is prepared 7 days at a time and delivered to your door once a week. The Weekly Delivery program is for 28 days. You store them in your refrigerator to retain freshness.
How do the Weekly program meals stay fresh for 7 days in my refrigerator?
PureFoods Low Carb uses a cutting-edge USDA approved process that keeps food fresh, similar to the "lettuce in a bag" at your local grocer. We do not add any preservatives to maintain this freshness. The food is NOT vacuum-packed or freeze-dried; it is NEVER frozen throughout the whole preparation, packaging and delivery process. Our meals are fresh to your door!.
How can PureFoods Low Carb benefit my lifestyle?
First of all, PureFoods Low Carb is incredibly reliable and convenient. Have your own personal chef! Eat amazing gourmet food! No shopping, no planning, no cooking, no cleaning. Save time & money while looking and feeling your best!
To what areas do you deliver?
PureFoods Low Carb Weekly Delivery is available throughout the United States.
Can I make meal substitutions?
For PureFoods Low Carb Weekly Delivery, you can substitute meals at the time of your initial order, and change your choices up to one week in advance.
What about variety?
To ensure variety, Weekly Delivery programs have a rotating menu to provide either 20 or 40 grams of total daily net carbs. You can choose from 14 different delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!
What if I have food allergies or don't like certain foods?
You can eliminate specific meats, fruits, vegetables, spices or other ingredients from your meals. Our software analyzes each recipe and eliminates foods you don't like or cannot eat. Our PureFoods Low Carb system is tailored for you. For PureFoods Low Carb Weekly you may select your meals online and receive only those which you like best or we can do it for you based on your profile that begins when you sign up with PureFoods Low Carb
How is the food heated?
Some clients heat their meals for one or two minutes in the microwave and eat the meals directly from the container for easy clean up. Specific directions are included with your meals.
How do I place an order?
Call toll-free 1 (877) 913-7374 or provide us with your e-mail address via the website. From there, Customer Service will obtain all of the necessary information and walk you through the registration process.
Weekly Delivery- How are my meals delivered to me?
Our chefs prepare your meals fresh just like they were in your kitchen. We then snugly package your meals using our state-of-the-art packaging process that ensures extended freshness. We pack them securely in our custom-designed refrigerated cooler with gel packs and FedEx delivers them to your door. Your meals will be fresh, ready to heat and eat as if you had a chef in your own kitchen!
Weekly Delivery- How do my meals stay cool during delivery?
We have a custom-designed refrigerated cooler that is used to transport your meals by FedEx to your door. We also use custom-designed gel packs to ensure that your meals stay at the proper temperature through-out the delivery process. We test shipping temperatures on a weekly basis to all parts of the country to ensure that the meals will arrive on your doorstep fresh and ready to eat.
What if I go out of town?
Weekly customers need to provide 7 days notice. We will redeliver when you get back in town and credit you for the days you were off the program..
What if I go out to dinner?
You may skip our dinner that evening and eat a balanced dinner on your own. You can have the meal you missed for dinner or lunch the following day if you wish.
Can I drink alcohol?
It is okay to have alcohol in moderation. But keep in mind, the body burns alcohol for fuel. If you are burning alcohol, then you are not burning fat.
What if I'm hungry?
In addition to controlling the net carb intake, PureFoods Low Carb also controls portion size. So it is normal to feel a little hungry after the first 3-5 days of the program if you are used to eating larger portions. After the adjustment period, your cravings will subside.
What if I'm on medication?
We suggest consulting your physician before you start this or any other nutrition program.
What is the cost of these programs?
The regular price for PureFoods Low Carb  Weekly is $34.95 per day plus shipping and handling. You must order the program 28 days at a time.
How do I renew the program?
Before the end of your cycle we will contact you and remind you your cycle is about to end. If you decide to continue, your credit card will be billed after we receive confirmation from you.
What if I want PureFoods Low Carb for only 5 days a week instead of 7 days a week?
To receive the maximum PureFoods Low Carb benefits, we recommend you stay on the diet for the full seven days per week. The easiest way to do this is to utilize PureFoods Low Carb each day. However, clients can elect to receive delivery only 5 days a week if that better suits their needs.
What do I do when I'm off the program?
During the program, we supply you with daily menus as well as educate you on the portion size you should be having. You may use this as a learning experience to continue into the future. We also have maintenance programs of five days per week, should you choose to continue with us.


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